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Name Roxas
Age Appears about fifteen/fifteen-and-a-half years old. Has only actually existed for a year, plus about 200 Aather days.
Team Emerald

Height/Build He's pretty short and wiry, though not delicate looking.
Hair Color/Eye Color Sandy blond hair, sticking up in spikes, and blue eyes.
Notable Traits Looks exactly like Day / Ventus on Peridot ([personal profile] unionoftheheart,) down to little childhood scars, the way his hair sticks up, and the sound of his voice.

Other So, if anyone got close enough to lean against his chest, they'd proooobably notice that he doesn't have a heartbeat. Depending on who you are, that might strike you as odd. He still bleeds like a normal person when injured, but how that blood gets around is a mystery.

Pings: He's technically a Nobody, though at this point, he's spent enough time around emotionally functional and expressive people that he tends to feel and express his own emotions. Still, if someone can sense non-humans, he's certainly one.

Additionally, he and Ven (Peridot) have the same heart, though Roxas is currently unaware of its presence in him. This translates to an empathic link between the two. And also into one dying if the other does, were it not for Firebird's intervention.

He's Sora's (Heliodor) Nobody, so there's a connection there as well. The empathic part's not as flagrant as it is with Ven (c.f. Sora crying in canon and not knowing why, when Roxas is upset.)

His two keyblades, which he can summon at will, will also give off very powerful pings. He's also got a Light elemental affinity.

Clothing: As of arrival in Camelot, Roxas will dress mostly in Emerald outfit variation 1, though he'll switch in the sweater, pants or boots from outfit 2 occasionally. He's also got his Organization coat, which he'll wear as armor, when he's likely to be in combat or need to use a Darkness Corridor. It's got dark green lining, ftr.
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...For my own reference:

Significant Neutral - Talking to Namine, "You were never supposed to exist." - Feather - 3 uses left.

Significant Neutral - Fighting Riku on the skyscraper in the City That Never Was, and appearing to win... - Candy beads - 3 uses left.

Trivial Neutral - Saix telling him to keep a diary. - Ring - 6 uses left

Trivial Neutral - Attempting to Beat up DiZ's hologram, and succeeding at beating up a whole bunch of computer terminals. - Windup watch - 2 uses left

Trivial Negative - Being told that his falling off the tower had never happened. - BPAL - Infinite but time-limited.
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***Regained Memory #71***
Trivial Neutral - Dreaming of Kairi and Selphie talking
Regained: Game 201
Form: a candied apple. It's already divided into six pieces for you, giving everyone six uses.
Taken? No

***Regained Memory #72***
Significant Neutral - (In Sora) Beast's Castle resolution and Xaldin boss fight
Regained: Game 203
Form: Come in the form of a single teabag! The little paper tab on it has a single word, relating to your memory, but likely frustratingly unhelpful. I don't know, like "bees" or "afternoon."

You can steep it a couple times for memory tea, but it'll lose potency and gain grossness over time.
Taken? No

***Regained Memory #73***
Significant Neutral - Xion disappears. Xemnas says, do nothing.
Regained: Game #207
Form: a tiny sword the length of the user's index finger. Prick your finger to receive your memory. Unlimited uses.
Taken? No

***Regained Memory #74***
Trivial Positive - Convincing Saix to let him and Xion work together. Axel steps in to help. Exploring the Cave of Wonders and run-in with Pete. Wow, Pete's an easy boss!
Regained: Game #208
Form: Come in the form of a glass lotus candle holder, and yes, it was made from the mirror shards. The candle, in the colour of your team, needs to be lit to see the memory, and uses unlimited until the wick is totally burned out and the candle needs replacing.
Taken? No

***Regained Memory #75***
Significant Neutral - Sora returns to Twilight Town
Regained: Game #211
Form: a whole loaf of bread that needs to be eaten to get the memory
Taken? No
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Characters: Heart gamers
Location: Heart
Time: Day ??, Time ?? (Will get placed into timeline when done)

[Okay, so here's what went down. At some point, Roxas took a bad memory that dovetailed badly with some of the other stuff going on in his head. Ven felt something go really wrong and contacted Dream and the rest of you ASAP. Dream allowed an emergency heart game to take place, giving you all an additional task as a quest:

Everyone will get pens and stickers that they will write on. Each person running will have five stickers that they have to use to try to identify something in the heart. It can be used on people, objects, the air, whatever rolls for you, so, for example, "I am going to put this sticker on Roxas, because he is clearly Roxas" or "This stone must be a stone and not a representation of his deep, weighing sense of guilt".

Guesses can be whatever the character thinks the object is. There is no limit to guesses! The catch is that the sticker will shrivel up if their guess is not correct. They cannot use the sticker again if this happens. If it is correct, then it will remain on the object with no effects whatsoever upon Roxas' heart. (Halfway answers which you might run into get shriveled up but don't come off nor do they reveal the whole message of what they were supposed to be.) If they want to use another sticker on the same object . . . No deal. Likewise, people cannot guess on the same object that someone else has.]

(OOC Note: Please join #twilightheart)
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Who the *bleep* is this? My name is Lily, and I go by mllelaurel at Dreamwidth and Livejournal.

Who do you play? Just Roxas, currently.

How can I contact you? The easiest way would be by email, which is mllelaurel[at]yahoo[dot] com. I can also be reached on AIM, as ExegesisLily, and on IRC as Roxas or Lily. If you want me on AIM or IRC, and I'm not on, your best bet would be to e-mail me and I'll get on. I check my e-mail a lot more frequently than I normally go into chat.

Where are you? Boston, MA. Eastern Standard Time.

What are you like? I can be a bit shy, in OOC circumstances, but I'm always approachable. If you have questions, want to play, think I stole your blankie, feel free to poke me. Also, I'm an IRC noob.

I tend to be pretty good at following up on threads, but if I inadvertently drop, please let me know.

What else? I've used more exclamation marks in chat today than Roxas ever will in his entire life. That's not saying much. Hey, I've got to get it out somehow.
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So! I'll be running an out-of-time heart game with Roxas, starting the first week of June. It'll run as long as it needs to, then get placed back into the timeline.

This will be a fixit heart, dealing with the aftermath of him taking the memory of Xion's death, and the way it ties into some of his issues. There's a high likelihood of combat, though non-combatants won't be locked out by the design.

Any and all close CR is welcome. If you want to throw in a character who doesn't really know him that well, that's fine, but would be trickier to arrange IC. We'll think of something...

If those interested could comment here, just so I can keep track, that'd be great. Thanks! Questions go here as well.
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Premise: Twilight Town AU
Detail: Roxas really was that normal kid from Twilight Town. He grew up with Hayner, Pence and Olette. He actually had honest to god parents, who were probably good but busy, so he was a latchkey wild kid, as per what we see in canon. The same applied to all his friends, so he never thought it was a big deal.

He's still very athletic, but has no combat skills whatsoever, and certainly no magic or Keyblade(s).

He's never met Axel, Xion (who may or may not still exist, but I kind of hope she does, just as a straight replica of Sora...) or any of the Org at all. I'm not sure what the implications of Sora and Sora's Nobody are, with all of this. Maybe there's another Roxas in the Org, who looks eerily similar to this random kid, and no one knows why. Maybe Sora never left a Nobody, since Kairi brought him back too quickly. Maybe... insert awesome explanation here. Not like Roxas knows, either way.

...Actually, since in Ven's AU, Ven's heart never went into Sora, that may fit. Sora may have made a legit Nobody, without a stealth!heart, or none at all, due to that.

Yeeeeesh, amnesia + no heart is a really scary thought. But I digress...

Roxas has a heart. It beats and everything. Like normal human hearts do.

Yes, he's still named Roxas. His parents were drunk or something.

He's still from the same universe as his canonmates, but their paths never crossed till Aather. (Unless one of you thinks of a cool way for them to have done so.)

In Aather: This is where it gets interesting and a touch depressing. Because Aather is a difficult place for a total civ. I'm not going to mess with team placement, so he's still on Emerald, but unlike canon Roxas, civ!Roxas was always a weird fit. He's got a 'why is my life so much less traumatic than everyone else's' complex, and the 'am I useless?' complex from his early times in Aather got much more exacerbated, to the point where it's still there. He's gone to swordfighting lessons with Lloyd, so he's not a complete sitting duck, but he's nowhere near as good. He's probably gotten into fights he could not handle. He's both more impulsive/risk-taking, and less actually willing to die when he actually thinks it through.

The Beatrice incident very early on still happened. He was easy to goad into stuff. I can't tell whether he'd have been more likely to tell others about it. Possibly. (Though obviously not if Beatrice was Lion...)

He still made the same stupid decision in the first Green Knight game, got yelled at by Knife. ...Possibly didn't learn his lesson as well?

A lot of his closest CR in Aather are now older, due to their own AUs, so he's probably not as close to them. If he and Sora are still friends, it's because they're both friendly people, and Sora's good at deflating people with a mild chip on their shoulder into dere. He's definitely got a constant "I'm not good enough for you" re: Emerald.

He was less wary of Aather/Personae initially, but I think at this point, he's also less attached to them than he is in 'main timeline.' He *knows* he wants to go home, and knows he *can*. It's never been a question in his mind. When he gets back his memories, he's outta here.

He's probably less industrious and more antsy/restless. With the exception of sports and swordfighting. He practices those vigilantly.

In recent history, a lot of the major emotional boosts he got from the Wonderland endgame are now gone. He still got involved in some fighting, but never made it on the train. He would not have had the hyperidentification with monsters/The Other, so he's unlikely to have noticed that the Cyclops and Minotaur were prisoners. Instead of talking down Ven's shadow or helping Battler deal with his, he probably spawned one of his own.

His decision making re: Jabberbrill was likely pretty much the same. He wasn't comfortable with a cold-blooded execution, even if he was furious with her previous actions.

All of that said, he's still a good kid. He's still friendly and *tries really hard*, and if there's enough shounen types who are not also hypercompetent fighters, he'd probably bond with them and feel more secure. (Basketballers!)

And that's roughly where he is right now. And by 'right now,' I mean 'at the start of the AU event.'
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Day 239
Self - Talking down Ven's shadow; form: black wayfinder, drawn and cut out of notebook paper.
Other 1 -
Other 2 -

Day 240
Self - Freeing monsters and Personae from Darkness; form: paper chain, torn in half. Ditto notebook paper.
Other 1 -
Other 2 -

Day 241
Self - Fighting "Vanitas Remnant" with Ven and Josh; form: paper Keyblade. Would be paper X-blade, but he's not that l33t with cutouts.
Other 1 -
Other 2 -

Each day can have more than two others, and I may throw in more of his own stuff, too.

In other news, kid needs a new notebook quest, STAT.
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Less of a formal writeup, more of a bulletpoint bonanza, written before I forget something.

Cut for length )
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Emerald was one of Aather's original teams. The starting lineup was:





About a week in, Lion was placed on Emerald as well. He was an addition to the team, without anyone being removed. (OOC Note: No intro post, first appearance in post on Day 8)

The next time Emerald got a new member was when Maleficent added an extra team slot. That slot was filled by Mage/Jade Curtiss. (Intro: Day 31)

Around Day 40, Lion was Booked and Stealth/Uchiha Itachi was placed on the team.

Sometime early on Day 51, Ginger was Booked and Roxas was placed on the team.

On Day 57, Cloud was Booked and Hyaku was placed on the team.

Then, on Day 72, Emerald suffered its first Darkness casualty, with Hyaku being turned into a statue in the forest. Winter/Natsume was placed on the team at this time.

On the morning of Day 113, Hisoka, having regained all his memories, left for elsewhere in Aather. Later that morning, Ginger was recovered from the Book, though not unscathed from her ordeal.

Late on Day 138, Knife followed in Hisoka's footsteps, likewise regaining all her memories and leaving for elsewhere in Aather. Lightning arrived on Day 139.

On Day 154, Mage regained his memories and left for elsewhere in Aather as well. Around the same time, Ginger was spirited away by Goldie. Wing/Battler arrived later that day, and Whiskey followed on Day 155.

On the evening of Day 237, Natsume regained all his memories and left for elsewhere in Aather. Jon Snow/Glass joined the team on Day 241.

Sometime on Day 254 (as if that day wasn't bad enough already...), Glass was placed in the Book. Jules de Ferrier/??? arrived on Day 256.
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You guys know the drill. Ask me stuff! If you want hearts/other formatted things, if you could link me the formatting, that'd be great.

This goes for Roxas, Shion, Madoka and Odile.

Also, for some reason, Shion's posts don't show up on Aathernet...
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Regained Memory #61
Trivial Neutral - First mission with Xion. Neither of them really talk, and Xion appears fully hooded.
Regained: Skill Game #32 (out of skills)
Form: a foil-wrapped chocolate coin stamped on both sides with a sheaf of wheat
Taken? Yes (off-screen)

Regained Memory #62
Significant Positive - Axel coming back alive from Castle Oblivion. The choked up sensation goes away.
Regained: Game #176
Form: a miniature goblet, with a slightly less miniature glass vial. Fill the goblet and drink to receive your memory. (Three uses worth of poison liquid in the vial.)
Taken? Yes (off-screen)

Regained Memory #63
Significant Negative - Xigbar tells him everyone at C.O. "is toast." Missing Axel. A choked up sensation he can't identify as grief.
Regained: Game #177
Form: One fake diamond half. Must be broken to view memory. This will be surprisingly easy due to UNICORN MAGIC. And yes, you can tell they can be broken.
Taken? Yes (off-screen)

Regained Memory #64
Trivial Neutral - Solo mission in Agrabah. Meeting Genie for the second time. Now I know where my 'buh?' icon comes from.
Regained: Game #178
Form: a box of three christmas crackers! Pop a cracker to receive a memory.
Taken? Yes (off-screen)

Regained Memory #65
Significant Neutral - Weird dream where POVs start mixing up
Regained: Game #179
Form: small hand mirrors with a dark gray casing. Viewable up to 7 times.
Taken? No

Regained Memory #66
Trivial Neutral - Demyx is happy the others aren't here. Demyx is kind of annoying. Also, my name is not 'kiddo,' Xigbar.
Regained: Game #182
Form: a strand of flax. Tie it around your finger to view the memory. good for three uses!
Taken? Yes

Regained Memory #66
Significant Negative - Xion's death.
Regained: Game #186
Form: a bunch of ripe cherries. Three cherries in the bunch.
Taken? Yes

Regained Memory #67
Significant Neutral - Beast's Castle, with Xaldin. We all know how this is going to end, in KH2. "Why would caring about something be a weakness?" "Hey, Axel. Is there anything you couldn't bear to lose?" "Why don't I have anything like that?" "What about your present?" "I couldn't bear to lose my memories of you or Xion."
Regained: Game #191
Form: condiment packets; each labeled and with a little dotted curve on the corner that says ‘TEAR ME.’ one is KETCHUP, one is MUSTARD, and one is RELISH! you have to eat the entire packet to get the memory. three uses; we don’t recommend cooking with them.
Taken? Yes

Regained Memory #68
Significant Neutral - The empty town - final call to the mansion. Axel trying to stop him, but being time-frozen along with everything else.
Regained: Game #192
Form: Brightly-colored party crackers. However. You will need a friend or teammate to hold one end while you pull on the other—resulting in a shared memory. SURPRISE!
Taken? Yes

***Regained Memory #69***
Trivial Negative - Xigbar boss fight
Regained: Game #196
Form: a small golden treasure chest, palm-sized. Open the chest to receive your memory.
Taken? No

***Regained Memory #70***
Significant Neutral - "Sora needs you."
Regained: Game #197
Form: Each box has 9 macarons - but since each box is as small as your palm be careful when pulling them out . . .
Taken? No


Regained Skill #16
Healing spells (with component questing)
Includes: Cure, Cura, Curaga, Esuna
Regained: Skill Game #34
Form: a slice of bread. It's a little stale, but edible
Taken? No

Regained Skill #17
Elemental spells (with component questing)
Includes: ...Fuck, what's standard in KH? Fire, Ice, Thunder... I think Earth/Air/Water are rares, so probably not those? Everything comes in regular/ra/raga options.
Form: Key-shaped cookie decorated in Emerald green
Taken? Yes
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Regained Memory #54
Trivial Negative - In Sora; Demyx boss fight.
Regained: Game #155
Form: a friendship bracelet. Putting it on to receive memories. Three uses.
Taken? Yes

Regained Memory #55
Trivial Positive - Mission with Demyx. Demyx's usefulness perfectly reasonable, actually. Also, Axel gets all red when thanked.
Regained: Game #156
Form: What appears to be a large-ish candy, in your team color. It tastes sweet when you lick it, but doesn't convey the memory—it also doesn't break if you chew on it, or . . . hit it with a hammer. You have to swallow it whole. Unshareable. Unless you're very determined? . . . um . . . well, no, let's just say no.
Taken? No

Regained Memory #56
Significant Neutral - An impostor in the Organization? Xion couldn't beat him, so now she's in trouble. Trying to comfort Xion. "Why are we working for the Organization?" "Special just means different."
Regained: Game #162
Form: a black rose stem (with no head or leaves), with five sharp thorns. Prick your finger to view the memory.
Taken? No

Regained Memory #57
Significant Neutral - In Sora. Saix boss fight.
Regained: Game #164
Form: a tiny, sharp ax. Cut yourself to receive the memory. Three uses.
Taken? Yes

Regained Memory #58
Trivial Negative - In Sora - Sora kneeling before Saix = unpleasant.
Regained: Game #166
Form: a scrap of paper in your team color. eat it to receive your memory
Taken? Yes

Regained Memory #59
Significant Positive - With Axel, seeing the Twilight Town trio for the first time. "Because we're friends."
Regained: Game #168
Form: small wooden box in your team color. They are viewable up to seven times.
Taken? Yes

Regained Memory #60
Significant Negative - DiZ returning his memories, so that he knows that everything that happened in Twilight Town was fake.
Regained: Game #170
Form: brass feathers. Spin the quill between your hands/paws/tentacles to receive the memory. Three uses.
Taken? No


Regained Skill #15
Magic Hour: Powerup/Variation
Regained: Skill Game #30
Form: a twig with a small blueberry on it.
Taken? Yes
NOTE: This concludes his skills registry!!! (No longer true)
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Regained Memory #50
Significant Positive - Xion wakes up. Mission with both her and Axel.
Regained: Game #144
Form: memories take the form of adorable small blue bottles of sake; each contains about three servings
Taken? No

Regained Memory #51
Significant Neutral - Dream of a boy about his age (Sora) in a room, then fading back, and a girl's voice, which sounds familiar (which is to say Namine sounds like Xion) saying she knows he'll be sleeping for a while.
Regained: Game #149
Form: feather they held during the game has become brightly colored once more. Hold it and concentrate to receive your memory. Good for five shares -- each time it's viewed, the color will fade a little more, until it's white again.
Taken? No

Regained Memory #52
Significant Neutral - Confronting Sora inside his heart after Axel dies... and losing.
Regained: Game #151
Form: a small vial of green liquid, with a ribbon tied around it in your team's color.
Taken? No

***Regained Memory #53***
Significant Neutral - Talking with Axel on the clocktower, after Axel dies
Regained: Game #152
Form: a little book with five empty pages. Pull a page out to get a memory!
Taken? No


Regained Skill #13
Event Horizon: Final Limit
Regained: Skill Game #27
Form: a big, juicy, perfectly ripe blackberry.
Taken? Yes

Regained Skill #14
Magic Hour
Regained: Skill Game #28
Form: a tiny Jolly Roger. Wave it to receive your skill.
Taken? Yes
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Memory #41
Significant Negative - Axel sacrificing himself to save Sora.
Regained: Game #125
Form: Blood rubies, hold to use. Five uses (four left)
Taken? Yes

Memory #42
Significant Positive - Xion takes down her hood before a mission, then, on the same mission, is able to pick up Roxas's keyblade when he drops it and use it to save his life. Going out for ice-cream with her afterward.
Regained: Game #127
Form: here. Five uses (four left)
Taken? Yes

Memory #42
Significant Neutral - Xion collapses while on a mission, but Axel looks out for her, even going so far as to directly tell Saix off. "Because you're my best friends."
Regained: Game #128
Form: a heart-shaped raspberry jam tart! there's a red velvet bag of four tarts, tied with a red ribbon. eat one to get your memory! four uses total, natch.
Taken? ...I don't remember, actually. Unless someone speaks up and says, hey, I remember him taking it, I'll assume not. Cause it's major enough I don't want to offscreen.

Memory #43
Trivial Neutral - Infiltrating Beast's Castle
Regained: Game #129
Form: Agar eyeball with an iris in your team's color.
Taken? Yes

Memory #44
Significant Neutral - What's up with Castle Oblivion? Xion seems not-okay, somehow...
Regained: Game #132
Form: a small whistle shaped like blackbirds that have been baked into your team's pie. Whistles are blown to retrieve the memory and can be blown four times. (three left)
Taken? Yes

Memory #45
Significant Neutral - Working together - but how long can we keep up the charade? "Our pasts make us unique." "What pasts?"
Regained: Game #133
Form: [Memories come in the form of miniature iron maidens with soft rubber blades. The only way to hurt yourselves on these is by chucking them at each other.

Each memory has seven uses. (6 left)]
Taken? Yes.

Memory #46
Significant Neutral - Giving Sora his memories
Regained: Game #137
Form: Memories come in the form of a small, huggable stuffed duckling. Hug the duck to receive your memory.
Taken? Yes

Memory #47
Trivial Neutral - "Riku, what are you afraid of?"
Regained: Game #140
Form:a scrap of burlap in your team's color. Tie it around your wrist to get your memory, infinite uses.
Taken? Yes

Memory #48
Significant Neutral - Xemnas finding him in front of the mansion in Twilight Town and giving him his name.
Regained: Game #141
Form: betting tokens identical to the one used in the game. Flip them to receive your memory.
Taken? Yes

Memory #49
Significant Negative - Xion's in a coma?!
Regained: Game #142
Form: Memories come in the form of lollipops of your team color. How many licks does it take to get to the center? One...two...Three! Three licks to get to the center of the lollipop.

Memories can be viewed three times (if you like…sharing…).
Taken? Yes


Skill #10
Light Elemental - Healing
Regained: Skill Game #24
Form: [These come in the form of a small, flat box in your team color! Inside, you'll find eight sugar cubes! One is your skill. Three are sugar! One is salt. And the last may leave you feeling quite loopy for a little bit ♥]
Taken? Yes - plus ate a salt cube :(

Skill #11
Tracking someone while staying out of sight
Regained: Game #139
Form: A green olive skewered on a toothpick.
Taken? yes

Skill #12
Event Horizon
Regained: Skill Game #26
Form: Skills come in the form of a tea biscuit! . . . it already has a tiny bite taken out of it. Don't worry, this won't affect your skill.
Taken? yes


Holy shit, I think I'm actually caught up with Roxas's memories, for the moment. Registry should be up to date, too!
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These are not writeups. I'm too behind to contemplate those. But it'll be good to have at least a compendium. Also to know exactly how many I have.

Memory #29
Significant Neutral - What is love?
Regained: Game #99
Form: Memories are in the form of a black or white marble pawn depending on what color your team was. It's always cold to the touch, touch it to receive your memory. 5 uses (4 left.)
Taken? Yes

Memory #30
Significant Neutral - Fighting Axel in the basement of the mansion. Axel telling him they'll see each other again, in another life.
Regained: Game #100
Form: Each person who receives a memory gets a small tin (team colored!) of sardines . . . eat a sardine to receive your memory! 8 sardines in each tin (7 left)
Taken? Yes

Memory #31
Trivial Neutral - Demyx's laziness is practically a skill in and of itself.
Regained: Game #102
Form: These memories come in small wooden boxes in your team colors. Opening the lid will show you the memory. They are shareable and unlimited.
Taken? Yes

Memory #32
Significant Positive - Xion's Keyblade comes back. "I want these days to last forever."
Regained: Game #105
Form: here
Taken? Yes

Memory #33
Trivial Neutral - Seeing Xion for the first time, through an amnesia blur.
Regained: Game #108
Form: Memories come in the form of a withered forget-me-not with four petals. Pluck a petal, receive a memory! (3 left)
Taken? Yes

Memory #34
Trivial Negative - Spacing out and hearing the words "Restoration at 12%."
Regained: Game #109
Form: Come in the form of packets of five little shortbread cookies in the shape of a comedy-drama mask. eat one for a memory! (four left)
Taken? Yes.

Memory #35
Significant Neutral - Destiny Islands. Did that mission even happen?
Regained: Game #110
Form: a tiny dessert cake in your team color
Taken? Yes

Memory #36
Significant Negative - Falling into Sora - blackness and nothing.
Regained: Game #112
Form: Memories come in the form of a small, blank, flat square of rice paper. One use, eat to take it.
Taken? Yes

Memory #37
Significant Positive - "Yeah, but what's a vacation?" Finally meeting Olette and Hayner face-to-face, then meeting up with Axel and Xion on the clock tower.
Regained: Game #113
Form: Memories come in the form of a golden stick! Snap it in half to earn back your memory. Nonsharable!
Taken? Yes

Memory #38
Significant Positive - Xion leaving seashells by his bed for every day he was unconscious.
Regained: Game #117
Form: Come in the form of a Word Sorrel flower. The petals are edible! Eat one for your memory. Five uses. (Four left.)
Taken? Yes

Memory #39
Trivial Positive - Xion speaks for the first time, saying his name.
Regained: Game #119
Form: a chocolate coin wrapped in foil that matches your team colour. both sides of the coin are decorated with a pair of lips. eat the chocolate to get the memory -- one use.
Taken? Yes

Memory #40
Trivial Positive - With Xion. "I'm glad you two are in the Organization with me."
Regained: Game #124
Form: memories come in the form of drop spindles in your team color. Just twist it in your hands to see your memory. Though you can use them properly too if you want.

Memories have 10 uses before they fade to nnothinnnggg!11 (9 left)
Taken? Yes


As you can see, I've a ways to go. ;;
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[It's dark enough in the cell that you might not see him turning off-white as the rules of the game become clear, but you can see his shoulders hunch and his fists clench at his sides.]

Oh, no way!
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Dual Wielder

Regained: Skill Game #21 - Mad Libs for Cheshire

Form: Tiny breakfast marshmallows shaped like the letter "C" -- or maybe like a crescent smile?

Description: Roxas can now wield two Keyblades at once. Shiny! They currently manifest as two Kingdom Keys, though they can also manifest as Oathkeeper and Oblivion, when it's most dramatically appropriate.
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Dark Corridor

Regained: Skill Game #18 - Unicorn's Sex/Age Swap

Form: Silk cloaks that vanish once you put them on.

Description: Nobodies in KH can open up a darkness portal, which they use to travel between places. The distance can be as close as a few feet away, or as far as off-world. Pretty cool, huh?

This skill comes with two caveats: Obviously this skill won't allow Roxas to portal away from Aather. If he tries, he'll get knocked out cold. I'll have to poke the mods if I have him do this, just in case he sees/feels anything cool, before he's knocked out. On a smaller scale, if he tries to use this skill to access a part of Aather he's not allowed in, like say Sterling's quarters, he'll just find a wall blocking his path. Like those barriers in the Days tutorials.

Caveat 2 is that traveling paths made of darkness can be dangerous and draining without the proper protective gear (the Nobodies' coats; the BBS kids' armor.) Thus far, Roxas has only used this skill once, and he was too busy to notice, since it was in the fight with Venitas. In the future, should be try to use Dark Corridor, he'll notice the darkness tugging at him and trying to dissolve his body. At which point, he'll quest for a coat and/or armor.
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